Introducing the new Co-Op Collection by KikiSol. We have partnered with talented artists to combine graphic art and paintings to create beautiful and vibrant prints. We love collaborating with amazing artists and designers!



Pasta with Shawn

Interview with Pasta:

I had the pleasure of meeting Pasta at the Surf Expo while his wife was buying for their store in Islamorada. We got to talking and I told them about my idea for a collaborative project. Angela, Pasta’s wife, pulled out her phone to show me Pasta’s work. I saw several pieces and knew right away I wanted to include his work in our Co-Op Collection. Pasta’s use of colors as well as his love for sea life was a perfect fit for our new Co-Op tops. We have digitally reprinted his paintings, then sewn them onto the perfect top, like you are wearing his paintings.

Here’s some background on Pasta’s career in art:

Here’s a little bit about Pasta and his journey as an artist.Pasta's journey began in Bari, Italy, where he was born before coming to the United States as a baby. Initially settling in Flatbush, he spent his younger years in this neighborhood until the age of 12 when he relocated to the picturesque surroundings of South Florida's North Miami Beach area. Living near the water had a profound influence on him, as he would frequently hop on his bike to visit the marina and indulge in his passion for fishing. These early years by the waterfront set the stage for his love of marine life and aquatic pursuits.

It was during his youth that Pasta discovered his innate creativity. His father, an oil painter, served as an early source of inspiration. Despite not spending much time together, Pasta cherished his weekend visits with his dad, during which they would spend time drawing together. This artistic talent blossomed in 1978-79 when he delved into pinstriping and airbrushing vans. A pivotal moment occurred when he began an apprenticeship with the Sunshine Boys, an airbrush artist group. A window of opportunity opened when he met the group's owner while working at a gas station. Under the guidance of a seasoned artist who was ready to move on, Pasta honed his skills, and together, they embarked on ambitious projects, including painting a van live at the county's largest car show, an event that caught the attention of the Miami Herald. As the 1980s rolled in, Pasta's career in art took a fascinating turn as he found himself painting race boats during the era of "Miami Vice." It felt like he was living in the wild west, with his artistry serving as the soundtrack to this exciting chapter in his life.

As his expertise in graphics evolved into digital forms, he ventured into his second business, focused on painting fish and marine life. This journey began with a commission for a fishing tournament promoter's t-shirt design and banner, leveraging his lifelong passion for fishing. The enthusiastic response from the tournament attendees marked a turning point, prompting Pasta to set up a tent at a Pompano Beach show, where the community was captivated by his art. This revelation led him to embrace his calling as an artist fully, leaving behind the dusty, noisy, and demanding world of other professions. Pasta's initial style featured dreamy underwater fish, brought to life with vibrant colors. Over the years, he devoted his life's work to marine life, eventually establishing a successful 23-year-old business that he later sold when he moved to the Florida Keys. His connection to the Keys had always been strong, but eventually, he had to make a choice between the two. With that decision made, he opened an art gallery to continue his artistic journey in this idyllic setting. We are so grateful to have met Pasta and even more thrilled to have collaborated with him on a few beautiful key pieces for KikiSol.



Danny O. with Shawn & Friends

Interview with Danny O :

I had the opportunity to spend some time with Danny O, during which he generously shared insights into his artistic journey and experiences with painting. We also met at the Surf Expo. He was exhibiting and doing live paintings. His artwork was on the cover of the Surf Expo and I immediately was enamored with his artwork. I took his card and texted him that I was interested in featuring his artwork in KikiSol’s new collaborative project.  He responded right away and said it was his dream to dress his daughter in his artwork.

Here’s some background on Danny O's career in art:

Danny O's artistic journey began in 2nd grade when he realized his calling as an artist. Growing up on Nantasket Beach, he found inspiration in the vibrant colors of sunbathers, envisioning the scene as an abstract impressionist painting. Over the years, he developed a deep connection with the beach and ocean, considering them his teachers and sources of inspiration.

Even when faced with personal challenges, such as the loss of his sister to cancer during high school, Danny found solace in art. His high school art teacher, Mr. Z, provided a supportive environment, allowing him to explore various artistic techniques, including silk screening, lithography, and murals.

After a stint in the navy, and a cartoonist during that time, Danny eventually transitioned to designing T-shirts and became a part of the surf culture in Virginia Beach. He thrived in this beach community, where he developed confidence and a unique lifestyle. Over the years, he explored different artistic styles, including collage and sculpture, and achieved success but faced challenges aligning his edgy art with mainstream preferences.

Despite many setbacks, Danny continued to evolve as a talented artist, emphasizing the importance of learning design skills and computer usage. Grateful for the lessons, he now seeks to return to his roots, creating beach paintings to fund a potential move back to the coast.

Reflecting on his journey, Danny acknowledges the comfort of his early artistic style, realizing that he could have stuck with it instead of exploring various forms. However, the exploration led him to discover his unique voice and artistic maturity.

Now residing in North Adams, MA, Danny works in a studio with distinct spaces for different purposes. He has come full circle with his artistic style, recognizing similarities between recent works and those from high school. Despite the challenging "in-between" years, he paid his bills through art, maintaining a resilient and joyful spirit.

Looking ahead, Danny is excited about the current pulse in his art. He focuses on creating beach paintings, experimenting with different color combos, and documenting his daily work through short films. This stage of his artistic journey has taught him to appreciate the slow and tedious process, fostering a new relationship with his work.

Danny O's life story stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment to art, spanning from his formative years on Nantasket Beach to his current endeavors in beach paintings, showcasing his artistic evolution.

We are delighted to have collaborated with Danny O and feature a portion of his life's work in our KikiSol Co-Op Collection. We hope you enjoy the Sunbathers fine art, now printed on select pieces of KikiSol apparel.



Original Art by Deborah Miller

Interview with Deborah Miller:

I met Deborah at the Atlanta Gift Show. She came into the booth as a new customer and was wanting to know more about KikiSol. I started sharing with her my new idea about the collaboration project. She held up her phone and showed me her painting of the Caribbean row houses. I was instantly captivated by her tropical row houses. These colorful homes help fill the islands with their charm. I knew immediately that I wanted to feature Deborah’s artwork in the Co-Op Collection.

Here’s some background on how the painting came to be:

My original inspiration came from visiting Key West, FL in 2001. We rode scooters, discovered the local cafes off the beaten path serving pork chops and plantains, free range chickens meandering in the yards, taking in behind the scenes. The homes were so fun and colorful. Not only in Key West; but also in the Bahamas, Jamaica, Costa Rica, St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John. Take us to the islands where we not only soak up the sun, white sand and aquamarine waters; but where we can soak up the local culture feasting on conch fritters and listening to steel drum music. A Happy Place indeed. Just where my mind goes when I paint—a happy and colorful place.



Original Art by Pippa Shaw

Interview with Pippa Shaw:

KikiSol has worked with Pippa Shaw for many years behind the scenes. She has helped create many signature collections for us!

Here’s some background on Pippa Shaw’s career in art:

I am a British artist and designer who loves patterns in all its forms. Having grown up in the English countryside, and traveled and worked all over the world, I take endless inspiration from my past and present surroundings. My prints and patterns are rooted in classical design principles and imbued with a fresh, contemporary aesthetic. Whether subtle and feminine or bright and bold, color is a fundamental component of my style. I love to draw and paint, and to create gorgeous patterns and illustrations that are uplifting and irresistible!


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